Our Services

Home Inspections

Commercial Inspections, including apartments and condos


Home Warranty Coverage

Certified Termite Inspections

FHA/VA Inspections (Certification #T111).

Roof certifications by a GB98 licensed contractor (#362149)

Mold sampling which can be as simple as a swab sample of an unknown substance or as extensive as a full-fledged moisture intrusion survey complete with photos and four different mold samples.

Pool/Spa inspections, which include checking: pool decking, pool surface, in-ground cleaning systems (if any), filter systems, and diving boards.

Sprinkler system inspection, which include checking: sprinkler heads, spray patterns, valves, timers, and any areas of water waste.

Our inspections include 500 items in an average home, including the roof, walls, ceilings, attics, floors, foundations, windows, the plumbing system, the electrical system, the heating and cooling systems, all mechanical equipment, and all major appliances.

Unlimited consultation time!  If we can’t answer our client’s questions on the phone, we will set up a time to meet with them to answer any and all of their questions.

No one gets left out of the home inspection process with our company! Our inspector is fluent in Spanish so that all of our clients can understand the inspection process.

Our Report includes full color digital photographs (Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!), summary pages for all defects and recommendations, and is a computer generated, color report that is easy to read and can easily be e-mailed for faster delivery.

PAYMENT INFORMATION We accept checks, cash, money orders, and all major credit cards, or we can e-mail an electronic invoice to be paid by credit card or electronic check. We also bill the inspection to be paid out of the closing costs as long as the property closes within 30 days.