Our Pricing

PRICING for Homes/Condos from 0 to 2000 sq. ft.  $275.00 + tax

PRICING for Homes from 2001 to 3000 sq. ft.           $300.00 + tax

PRICING for Homes from 3001 to 4000 sq. ft.           $375.00 + tax

PRICING for Homes from 4001 to 5000 sq. ft.           $425.00 + tax

Commercial Inspections are also available please call for information..


Certified Roof Only Inspection                                    $100.00 + tax

Our Inspector is a licensed GB98 Contractor and FHA Certified.

Termite Inspections

0000 – 2500 sq ft                                                       $ 70.00 + tax

2501 sq ft and above                                                 $100.00 + tax



With Home Inspection                                                $ 75.00 + tax

Just pool/spa                                                             $100.00 + tax

Pool inspection includes:

  • Decking, Body Identification and condition (fiberglass, Plaster, etc)
  • Cleaning Equipment (filter type condition, skimmer, auto-clean)
  • Other Equipment (Diving Boards, Slides, Lights, Handrails, Fences, etc)

Mold Testing               

  • Air Sample Only                                                   $350.00 + tax
  • Swab Sample Only                                               $300.00 + tax
  • Each Additional Sample                                       $125.00 + tax
  • Whole House Package                                         $425.00 + tax
  • 2 rooms sampled, 1 swab sample, moisture intrusion survey, full color report of findings.

Payment Information
How many ways can a home inspection be paid? The Home Detective Home Inspection Company offers you more payment options than any other home inspection company in the city of Las Cruces. Your options include:

  • Payment at the time of the inspection by check, money order, cash, cashier’s check, or all major credit cards.
  • An e-mailed invoice with a link to pay via credit card or electronic check.
  • Bill it to your closing costs for an additional $25! *

* Although payment at closing is accepted, there is a $25.00 late fee attached to all invoices over 30 days. To avoid late fees, closing should occur within 30 days of the inspection date.